Řezačka papíru

Dobrý den. Sháním jakoukoliv funkční řezačku papíru, nejlépe pro formáty A4, lze i A3. Děkuji za nabídku – Praha a okolí.

Olejove barvy, pastely, tempery, akrilove barvy, barvy na sklo

Vymenim vazy (hand made) na olejove barvy, pastely, tempery, akrilove barvy, barvy na sklo

Nabizim Vam sve vazy rucni prace na vymenu barev. :)

Darujete chvojí ?

Zdravím všechny uživatele. Měla bych dotaz, nedaroval byste někdo chvojí ? Budeme vděčni za jakékoli množství. S klienty se věnujem výrobě věnců.



pokud by někdo měl doma hokejové karty a již mu jsou k ničemu, mně by udělaly radost:)



Free Boxes

We just moved our office and have a lot of boxes. If you are moving and need some, you can come and pick them up. Just email me at cetprague@gmail.com.
Our office is located in the center of Prague…..

Cat looking for loving home


5 years old kind and playful lady is looking new loving home and someone who have time to give her all the love she deserves. Due our current life situation we can not offer her best so we really want to find someone who can.

Do you have garden or just enough room to play?
Ideal place for her would be somewhere where she could get outside but not the must as she knows how to use toilet.She is castrated so no worries about Kitty’s even if neighbors cat makes visits. Use to dogs and children.

And someone who is going to stay here and not to move away after few years and leave her behind!She needs permanent home!!

Contact and I´ll give you more details

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We’re Moving!

We’re moving, and we’re having trouble getting rid of some stuff. We’ve got a lot of books, and I’ve got some men’s clothes that I want to find a good home for. We’ve also got a lot of crappy potraviny DVDs and we might even have some kitchen stuff. We’re in Zizkov (on Krasova) so if you’d like to come by and check out what we’ve got, send me an e-mail. Thanks.